Common spaces

Fenced in garden, in an estate of 3500m²

Private parking

Two barbecues and a wide space under the pergola for huge tables

A large (80m²), open to all room with:

  • fosball table and pool table
  • game area
  • reading and relaxing area
  • living room with TV
  • outdoor lounge

Amenities (common to all the apartments)

Washing machine (free use)

WiFi (unlimited, free use)

For babies and children

Equipments for babies and children are FREE and available on request.
We have a limited number of kits, in order to benefit from them we recommend you to book them a.s.a.p.

  • Cot with mattress and bed linen
  • High chair or chair-mounted seat
  • Babycare mat
  • Baby bath
  • Potty or toilet seat
  • Tableware
  • Bed rail
  • Bottle warmer

Baby icon by Christina Angeline, Baby Crib icon, Baby High Chair icon, Baby potty icon, Baby Bath icon by Gan Khoon Lay, Bottle Warmer icon by Becris, Place setting icon by Stephanie Scott Means from the Noun Project


The best pictures were shot by Giorgio Perini, we’ve shot the others.
All the paintings in Campu Stelle have been made by Maria Pontremoli