Our apartments

Campu Stelle includes 5 apartments (gîtes) (two at the ground floor, with direct access to the garden, three at the first floor, each having indipendent entrance and private sea view terrace), completely renovated and furnished in 2017, in an estate with garden and parking.

Amenities and common spaces our apartments share and equipments for babies and children are described in Amenities section.

Indicated apartment capacities are intended for a comfort stay; if you are interested in having extra beds, please point it out in your booking request. If there’s enough room and if your security is guaranteed, we’ll be happy to meet your needs.

At the moment, our apartments are not able to ensure to persons with reduced mobility to enter and move around indipendently and in complete safety and to live their holidays in a completely autonomous way. We apologise and we are committed to considering possible solutions.


For 6 people, 70 sq.m., first floor


For 4 people, 70 sq.m., first floor


For 4 people, 55 sq.m., ground floor


For 2 people, 30 sq.m., ground floor